Welcome to Kwerky Knits!

Hi! I'm Angela Blay, designer and knitter behind Kwerky Knits. It all began when I wanted my own cuddly Thorin Oakenshield but couldn't find a pattern I liked - so I designed one myself. With daughters keen to learn, I made sure all my patterns were super easy to knit, involving no complex stitches at all. My daughter Holly has since tested my patterns and makes design suggestions! I've been asked by family and friends to make favourite knitted characters for birthdays and Christmas, so I found ways of sharing my designs. I sell some of my patterns and kits in my Etsy shop whilst others are released and sold occasionally. My dolls are now becoming collector's items - I'm so happy! You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @kwerkyknits - Thank you and enjoy!

  • The Knitdarks

    The Knitdarks are currently my most popular dolls. Read about them on their own page! They are based on Poldark and are photographed having adventures all over the place!

  • The Eggs

    My eggs are an affectionate tribute to people I love...each egg has an eggy name: Egg Sheeran for example!

  • Mr Darcy

    I have also designed and created several TV and film characters, like my popular Mr Darcy.